Private Cloud, or On-Premise Solutions for Custom BioInformatics Pipelines and Genomic Data Management:

- Design and deploy a private cloud, or an on-premise software and storage solution optimized specifically for you
- Strategic guidance from our bioinformatics and big data technology experts on software and system architecture, as well as robust IT and data provenance solutions 
- Advanced bioInformatics consulting and custom analyses for any project type
- Our scientific and engineering specialists are experienced with a broad range of pipelines, data types and scalable compute and storage systems
- Custom analyses and bioinformatics pipelines, including hardening and optimization for existing bioinformatic analysis pipelines



  • Full-service, end-to-end IT solution built by BioInformatics and technology experts
  • Cost-effective pricing on hardware that competes with the big guys (Dell, IBM, etc)
  • Intuitive user interface with interactive results visualization
  • Comprehensive genomic data provenance for consistent, reproducible results from every analysis
  • The ability to collaborate and share results across any extended research team