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complete BIOINFORMATICS for the bench


Run your own experiments.

Rosalind™ is the first-ever biologist-friendly bioinformatics engine for the analysis and interpretation of genomic datasets. 
By removing all complexity from bioinformatic analysis, Rosalind™ empowers the researcher to analyze their own data and
find the biological insights that matter most with more thrill and less waiting. 


ChIP-seq & RNA-Seq Analysis in hours, not Weeks.

For the first time, researchers performing large-scale genomics studies across a range of fields (including drug development, precision medicine, and agri-business) can rapidly and dynamically explore and interpret their own data, accelerating their next phase of research while saving time and money. 

Rosalind™ guides the researcher through the entire process, from experimental design to interpretation, for analyses including transcriptomics and epigenetics. 

Full Analysis & Interpretation: $50/Sample

With Rosalind™, we are evolving genomic analysis so our customers can focus on what to do with their results, not how to get to them. 

Tim Wesselman
CEO & Founder - OnRamp BioInformatics

What Makes OnRamp Different?

OnRamp is the leader in self-guided genomic analysis with an online platform that imports, analyzes, blends, interprets and stores all of your data at scale, for better insights in hours, not the weeks and months that you may be used to.

Sign-up now for access to the most simplified analysis platform in bioinformatics and start running your experiments today.
(per-sample or monthly subscriptions available)

We offer data management solutions to securely and efficiently store, track, and share data. Contact Us for a free consultation on your IT infrustructure. 
(Genomics-focused hardware and software) 

Our scientific team enjoys the challenge of custom analyses and has completed many on CRISPR, Single-Cell, RNAChIP, Exome and many more! (affordable per-sample pricing)


OnRamp Bioinformatics offers a great window of opportunity for the future of personalized medicine. I highly recommend this team for anyone who has an interest in integrating molecular data into research and clinical practice.
Dr. David Carpentieri
Phoenix Children's Hospital
With OnRamp's Platform, my department processed 4x more genomic data in 8 months than the previous 8 years - and we recovered over 44% of our storage capacity using OnRamp’s Intelligent Data Management.
Dr. Gary Hardiman
Medical University of South Carolina
It was pleasure working with OnRamp BioInformatics. They provided one-on-one support to explain the specifics of our data and good quality microRNA profiling data for an affordable price. We look forward to working with them again in the future!
Komal Raina, PhD
University of Colorado, Denver
I highly recommend OnRamp for their Bioinformatics expertise. I have worked with them on several genomics and metagenomics projects and the team is professional, completes the work on deadline and budget, and generated results we hadn't expected.
Dr. Rob Edwards
San Diego State University
OnRamp is well differentiated through vertical integration of BioInformatics Workflows + Machine Learning + Hadoop + Cluster Management System Software. It is a very valuable platform for Genomics.
Dr. Paolo Faraboschi
HP Enterprise Fellow
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