Accelerate Your Single Cell Studies and Extract Deeper Insights


The ROSALIND Single Cell Data Analysis Solution

  • Single Cell Analysis for any scientist, no bioinformatics expertise needed
  • Secure, scalable cloud infrastructure to process 10X Genomics Cell Ranger data for thousands of cells in parallel
  • Real-time collaboration so multiple scientists across sites can explore Single Cell results at once
  • Compare differential expression patterns between cell clusters
  • Integrate Single Cell data in multi-omic comparisons with bulk RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, or ChIP-seq
  • Automated public data import to explore trends across public data sets
  • Enterprise Security with SSO and API Integration to enable Production Informatics teams
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Security, Speed and Simplicity

ROSALIND utilizes secure cloud-based scalable processing and an intuitive user interface to make processing of 10x Genomics cell ranger datasets both faster and easier. Alignment, quantification, and download of default clustering results can be performed easily by users without the need for a bioinformatician or onsite computer processing power.

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One for All

ROSALIND provides an intuitive graphical user interface for Single Cell analysis and seamless collaboration features to enable team science


Scalable Compute

ROSALIND’s computing capacity scales to accommodate any number of single cells being processed, completing projects faster


Enterprise Security

ROSALIND utilizes the latest technologies in cloud security to ensure data is safe and enable users to control who has access to their data

Interactive Comparisons Generate Meaningful Insights

ROSALIND supports downstream analysis of cell clusters generated in the 10x Loupe Browser.  Cell clusters defined in Loupe can be compared with one another at the level of individual genes, pathways, drugs, or other key terms. This unlocks the next era of Single Cell research which will focus on developing deep understanding of the biology of each cell type cluster in a given context and the identification of actionable markers.

  • Identify and characterize mixed cell populations from tissues or organs
  • Compare the transcriptomics profiles of individual cell types
  • Discover biomarkers and regulatory pathways involved in complex cellular processes
  • Characterize novel cell types or states involved in complex cellular processes
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ROSALIND for 10X Genomics Single Cell Analysis Webinar

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An overview of the benefits of ROSALIND for 10X Genomics Single Cell data analysis and demonstration of how fast and easy Single Cell analysis can be with ROSALIND.  Learn how ROSALIND can turn single cell RNA FastQ data into interactive comparisons of cell populations with functional enrichment analysis with over 50 knowledge bases.

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