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Join the Coronavirus Community Research Space

Seeing the news on the growing threat of a Coronavirus pandemic, I’m reminded of just how interconnected we all are on this...

The Value is in Collaboration (not the pipeline)

After conversations with thousands of Scientists, there is stunning lesson in their feedback that every Pharma and Biotech...

Collaborating on Genomic Data (like Google Docs)

Let’s face it, collaborating on genomics data is hard.

Empowering Scientists with the ROSALIND Platform

The ROSALIND Discovery & Collaboration Platform

Thousands of Scientists around the world entrust ROSALIND every day to...

Poster: Genomic Modalities to Drug Development for S. Mansoni

Schistosoma mansoni causes schistosomiasis, a disease of poverty that infects approximately 200 million people worldwide....

Public Data Analysis and Exploration, Re-invented.

Working with Public Data is important to nearly every Scientist in our community. Unfortunately, it's harder than it should...

Active Motif & OnRamp Announce Partnership
OnRamp’s ROSALIND and Active Motif offer an improved ChIP-Seq data analysis experience for researchers with state-of-the-art...
OnRamp takes home the "People's Choice - Best of Show" award at BioIT-World 2018 in Boston.
Click here to try ROSALIND for...
Come See ROSALIND at Bio-IT World 2018

As proud contender for Bio-IT World's "People's Choice - Best in Show", ROSALIND will have latest features presented...

View Our Meta Analysis Webinar

Building a "Comparison of Comparisons" Across Multiple Experiments using Meta-Analysis on ROSALIND


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