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Same day results for your ChIP-seq data analysis

Rosalind™ provides advanced analyses without any bioinformatics skills required, and includes interactive visualization.
In less than 5 minutes, you can set-up an experiment and obtain your results within hours.

Empowered researchers analyze their own data and find the biological insights
that matter most with more thrill and less waiting.
-  ChIP-seq results in hours — not weeks
-  Embedded genome browser to compare peaks in each samples
-  Tuned and optimized for ChIP-seq Kits & Antibodies
-  Functional enrichment analysis using over 20 knowledge bases


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NOW WITH Active Motif Integration

           We're proud to be  offering a way to analyze ChIP-seq data with speed and improved accuracy through ROSALIND. This straightforward online solution allows even beginners to complete an entire ChIP-seq experiment with ease.

Ted DeFrank
- CEO, Active Motif

Explore your Chip-seq data like never before

OnRamp Bioinformatics offers a great window of opportunity for the future of personalized medicine. I highly recommend this team for anyone who has an interest in integrating molecular data into research and clinical practice.
Dr. David Carpentieri
Phoenix Children's Hospital
With ROSALIND, my department processed 4x more genomic data in 8 months than the previous 8 years - and we recovered over 44% of our storage capacity using OnRamp’s Intelligent Data Management.
Dr. Gary Hardiman
Medical University of South Carolina
It was pleasure working with OnRamp BioInformatics. They provided one-on-one support to explain the specifics of our data and good quality profiling for an affordable price. We look forward to working with them in the future!
Komal Raina, PhD
University of Colorado, Denver
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