Based in the Genomics Capital of San Diego, OnRamp BioInformatics provides ROSALIND™, the first-ever genomics analysis platform specifically designed for life science researchers to analyze and interpret datasets, without any prior bioinformatics skills.


Named in honor of pioneering researcher Rosalind Franklin, who made a major contribution to the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA with her famous photograph 51, OnRamp’s ROSALIND™ platform aims to simplify the practice of genomic data interpretation, so that biologists, researchers and drug developers can harness the potential of genomic information from DNA sequencing to microarrays and mass spec, while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

ROSALIND™ puts the researcher into the driver’s seat of data analysis, and helps to free up valuable time for Bioinformatics Cores to offload standard analyses and focus precious resources on more complex challenges. ROSALIND™ brings bioinformatics analyses to the bench scientist by broadly expanding access to genomic and proteomic technologies for cancer research and precision medicine.

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Tim Wesselman

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of OnRamp

Tim brings 20 years tech experience from Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, TI & DoubleClick with broad executive & operations experience from Corporate Strategy to Finance, Investor Relations, Sales Operations, Marketing and Engineering.

With more than a decade of experience in the enterprise server market, Tim has been recognized as an industry leader and key influencer in the development of next-generation low-power ARM data centers, having led ecosystem development for Hewlett Packard’s ScaleOut Server Business. He also served as VP of Strategy and Operations for HP's Global Enterprise Solutions Business.  

Tim holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering degree from Texas A&M University and is also a graduate of multiple executive programs in Finance, Accounting, Investor Relations and Strategic Marketing with Columbia University, Rice University and University of Michigan.


Richard S. Creager, PhD

Member of the Board

Richard is Director of OnRamp and founder of NaviDx. Dr. Creager also served as Chief Scientific Officer of Beckman Coulter, Inc. as well as senior vice president with responsibility for Molecular Diagnostics and led the Immunoassay business.


Mike Giordano

Member of the Board

Mike is Director of OnRamp and Senior Vice President-Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services in Los Angeles. He focuses on advising Corporations, Foundations, Trusts, and Municipal Governments in investments and finance.


Dean Stoecker

Member of the Board

Dean is Director of OnRamp and a founding partner of Alteryx (currently serving as Chairman and CEO). Dean's leadership and motivational skills, along with his ability to create, communicate and realize a vision, are the driving force behind Alteryx’s considerable growth and its focus on empowering data analysts worldwide. His understanding of business needs and the technology space has helped fuel the impressive SaaS metrics of Alteryx since its inception, with more than 400 employees in 8 facilities around the world.